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吕超    1982年毕业于山东大学电子系,1983年来美国纽约城市大学读书,于1988年取得电子工程博士学位。自1990年至今就职于陶森大学计算机系教授,现任计算机与信息科学系主任。在2009年,与孙伟博士一起在陶森大学组建中文教师学院,此项目得到中国国家汉办的资助。

Dr. Chao Lu graduated from Shandong University, China, in 1982 with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, and came to USA in 1983 studied at CUNY for his Ph.D. in Engineering, and received his Ph.D. in 1988. Dr. Lu has been a professor with Towson University since 1990 to now. He is currently the chairman of the Computer & Information Sciences Department. Dr. Chao Lu and Dr. Wei Sun received a grant from China Hanban to establish the Institute of Chinese Language Teaching at Towson in 2009. Dr. Lu is the current chair of the Board of Directors at BCS.

孙伟    1982年毕业于东北师范大学数学系。 1982-1986 任职于北京人民教育出版社,从事中小学数学教科书的编写工作。 1986秋赴美就读于哥伦比亚大学,1993年获得教育博士学位。 目前就职于陶森大学数学系终身教授并任中文教师学院院长。巴尔的摩中文学校首任校长。

Dr. Sun Wei graduated from China’s Northeast Normal University in February 1982 with a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. He worked at People’s Education Press from 1982 to 1986 as an editor of the national mathematics textbooks for elementary and secondary schools. In fall 1986, Sun Wei came to US and studied at Columbia University in New York City. He received Doctor of Education degree in 1993. Dr. Sun is currently a professor in the Mathematics Department of Towson University. He also serves as the Director of the Institute of Chinese Language Teaching.
Dr. Sun Wei is the founding principal of Baltimore Chinese School.

   刘华 刘华    1991 毕业于成都理工大学。来美后获得电脑和会计双硕士。现在巴尔的摩市政府一卫生机构担任高级会计。在中国曾有多年服侍青少年工作经历. 推广并实施了许多青少年社会实践,基金筹集,各项竞赛䓁活动。来美后积极参与社区的各种活动。现在是巴尔的摩地区各种活动的积极组织者和志愿者。
Liu Hua Graduated from the Chengdu University of Technology in 1991. She received a master degree in Computer Science at Cleveland State University & a master degree in Accounting and Business Advisory from The University of Baltimore. She is currently a senior accountant at a nonprofit organization under the Baltimore City Health Department. She has years of working experiences for Youth programs in China. She has promoted and practiced many campaigns in youth education funding, various competitions, and cultural activities. She is an active member of Baltimore Chinese community as an organizer and volunteer.

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